La La La La Land : why do you have to watch it ?

I went on Sunday afternoon to watch a movie with a friend of mine I suggested her to : La La Land. The small theater was crowded by every ages and the atmosphere peaceful.

At the end of the movie, the atmosphere was friendly, peaceful and happy. Personally, I was completely delighted ! I felt exhilaration and wanted to dance and sing on the street 😉 I was saying to myself that life can be very simple, it is up to me and how I want to handle it : by smiling, by dancing and singing ! It is life, isn’t it ?

I was remembering a story about an old ill lady and a shaman. The old lady visited one day a lonely shaman in his far away landscape. Installed in his hut she was complaining hours and hours about her life and what she had to bear every day. The shaman was listening and remained quiet. At the end of the complaints, the shaman lighed his old pipe and then tell her : »I understand your complaints… your suffering… your pains… Let me ask you a question : what was the last time you dance and you sing ? Wasn’t it the last time you felt happy and alive ? » I love that simple story so much.

I was saying to myself : »I found that movie so light and full of beautiful energy that it should be mandatory to watch it ! Especially by people in a down mood ! »

As soon as the movie started, I felt indeed very good vibrations by watching that people dancing and singing in an american traffic jam. My coaching part was analysing the pictures at the same time : »contradiction between situation and behaviour. Being in a car by a traffic jam = bad situation, people smiling, dancing, singing = nice behaviour ». According to me, it is exactly how we are supposed to act daily ! Be happy and do not give such importance to « bad » facts or situation ! Turn that situations into lightness and feel good 😉

I felt regularly joy and lightness watching the movie. I laughed many times. I was browsed by a very nice energy in my body, and I was litteraly supported by it, felt like being part of the scenario. Because that 2 different characters believed in what they did, they encouraged each other and really felt fed by their own passions, jazz music and acting.

You love what you do then… go ahead ! You do not find what you need then… create it yourself !

Watch that movie and let you support by lightness and nice energy. Afterwards let start to dance and sing above worries 😉



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