3 clues for coaching watching « Star wars : the last Jedi » !

It’s been a great pleasure for me to be invited by my sister and my brother-in-law to go the movies and to watch the last part of Star wars : « the last Jedi ». I am still fond of movie and always interested in receiving « messages » or clues that would help me to grow. 😉

Even if I found the movie quite long, I was pleased to notice 3 main clues that will improve my way of coaching.

1/ Feminine trend

I was excited to notice that many women appear in the movie in main roles.
The main character called Rey is a young girl in search for someone who may help her to master her power.
The rebellion has been leaded by two experienced women : General LEIA and Amilyn HOLDO.
How wonderful to notice the feminine way of behaving by watching that 3 main movie characters during the picture and the consequent benefits : intuition, patience and take care of life.

>> Listen to our intuition (right brain part), be patient with life and take care of it.

2/ Knowledge transmission

The young woman Rey asked for the help of the the last Jedi called Luke Skywalker. She feels indeed strange things/energy and needs to be supported. He is about to transmit his knowledge by sharing his experience (success and failure), by supporting her through the integration process and by letting her learn by doing and experimenting. « Failure is the best master ever ».

>> Let’s share our experience and support people during their practice and integration time.  It is up to them to experiment in order to achieve their goals by themselves.

3/ Power of faith and meditation

« May the force be with you » is for sure the most famous phrase originated in Star wars. It sounds like a goodbye, a gift, a sign, a lesson, an acknowledgment, a prayer…
According to me it means « have faith », « believe in hope » and « get in touch with that incredible inner force ». Through meditation for example.

>> Let’s meditate to contact that inner force and let’s shine it !


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